The many joys of hardwood flooring

If the only floor covering that will satisfy is hardwood flooring, you will certainly not be disappointed with your results. Not only do they offer one of the most extensive lifespans in the industry, but they also provide stunning visuals, impressive durability, and ease of maintenance. When you need the perfect flooring, be sure to consider this product line before moving on.

The many faces of hardwood

When you think of hardwood floors, you likely think first of the solid option, which is natural wood, through and through. These products give you extensive options for species, stain, and finish choice, as well as choosing site-finished or prefinished materials to fit your needs. You can also consider specific installation options that will either create a stunning visual or a more functional surface, all to your great benefit. Another option you might want to consider is engineered wood flooring, which is created by placing a layer of natural hardwood on top of layers of perpendicularly laid plywood backing. These floors offer excellent benefits such as below-grade placement, outstanding performance in damp, humid areas, and a more comprehensive selection of installation options. While they are not perfect for every homeowner who dreams of hardwood floors, they could perfect for your own home. Both of these flooring options allow you to take advantage of refinishing services. This process removes years of wear and damage, leaving you with a new layer of wood to stain and finish any way you like. If you have questions about the materials or the installation process, be sure to visit us at your convenience.

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We can make your wood floors your own

At Anderson Tile Sales, we can take your choice of flooring materials and personalize them to fit your requirements and personality, all at the same time. When you speak with a flooring professional, they will find out your precise needs and then match them as perfectly as possible. Know that you do not have to settle for the perfect flooring when you have viable options not to want to pass.

We proudly serve the areas of Odessa, TX, Midland, TX, Andrews, TX, Kermit, TX, and Ft Stockton, TX, all from our showrooms in Odessa and Midland, TX. You are invited to visit us there to find options that will work for every room of your home, no matter what your need. We will make sure you find the wood floors you can live with for many years to come.