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Is herringbone installation possible with luxury vinyl flooring?

Herringbone installation is a trending style in luxury vinyl flooring, giving you a visual layer that could keep you stylish longer. It’s a perfect match for a wealth of designs, with impressive results for each one.

This installation style takes a little longer to install, but it’s well worth the added work. And it could also add extra benefits that work well for your household.

Why choose a herringbone installation?

When paired with this product's ability to mimic all-natural hardwood, a herringbone installation brings out stunning beauty and décor matching visual appeal. In addition, you'll love the color, texture, and natural grain pattern replication in LVT flooring that comes with 3D laser printing technology.

Combining a herringbone installation and light or whitewashed color schemes can make the room appear much larger than it is. Darker colors draw spaces in to make them cozier and more comfortable.

Added stability with herringbone installation

With more rigid materials, you're likely to see more stability in spaces where these floors are installed. In addition, they fit together well and are less prone to movement because of how the pieces are arranged.

You can see the intricate installation detail once we finish the installation, especially when you add elegant luxury vinyl flooring borders or varying color schemes. To learn more about what this installation can do for you, take the time to visit our showroom and speak with an associate.

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