What happens if hardwood flooring gets too dry?

What happens if hardwood flooring gets too dry?

Hardwood planks change in size when there are significant fluctuations in temperature and when they get too wet or too dry.

If you've decided to upgrade to a wood floor or if your existing hardwood flooring has been damaged beyond repair, you can find a great selection of the latest wood floors in Odessa, TX, at Anderson Tile Sales. Proper care is imperative to plank longevity.

Too dry

Hardwood floors become brittle when it is too dry, and the problem becomes apparent when the wood cracks and splits or develops openings that go through the boards.

The floor might also become warped or cupped, mainly if constructed with engineered wood flooring. That's because the surface layer tends to dry out faster than the base layer.


A damaged wood floor can be sanded, stained, and resealed so it looks new again. Both solid hardwood flooring and a high-quality engineered wood floor with a thick hardwood surface layer can be refinished. Of course, the underlying problem must be determined to find a solution.

Home environment

Since hardwood floors expand or shrink to adjust to the weather, indoor temperature and humidity must be controlled to maintain an optimum environment.

A wood floor is well-kept when the thermostat is set between 60 and 80 degrees, and relative humidity ranges from 35 percent to 55 percent.

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