Which rooms are best for tile flooring installation?

Which rooms are best for tile flooring installation?

Tile flooring is a versatile remodeling choice that works well in any room, providing outstanding benefits in each space. These surfaces offer easy maintenance, durability, and unlimited design potential, thanks to extensive colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and layouts.

This popular choice is trendy and blends well with any design scheme or interior decor, but tile flooring is your best choice in some areas. Here are some facts about installation spaces that could make a difference in your remodel.

Bathroom tile makes perfect sense

The impressive water-resistant characteristics you need most in the bathroom are found in ceramic and porcelain tiles. This room has lots of moisture, humidity, and splashing, and tile flooring offers a barrier against the potential damage that could come with them.

For instance, you'll see less mold and mildew growth and never warping, expansion, or contraction. And you'll always enjoy how easy it is to clean these surfaces with just a broom and damp mop.

Laundry rooms require even more protection

You'll often see extensive moisture in laundry rooms, but the potential for water damage is higher in this room than in most others. Occasionally, washing machines can leak onto your ceramic tile, even flooding the entire room, and that’s when these materials offer the best experience.

To make these floors an even better choice for this space, consider larger formats to minimize grout lines, make cleaning, and care easier. But remember the décor-matching opportunities available and browse for the look that will cater to your preferences.

Tile is always the star of the kitchen

Many families congregate in the kitchen area for meals, hobbies, homework, and social gatherings, so it makes sense that the flooring should be a perfect fit. Ceramic and porcelain tiles bring advantages like non-porous surfaces, classic appearance options, and easy cleaning, even when the messes are big.

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